We have a Langmuir Systems Crossfire XR plasma table, allowing us to cut sheets of 4' by 8' metal. Our plasma table is guided using CNC technology, where we use a CAD program to design each item that we cut. If a customer has the design work for their project already completed, we can incorporate their files into our system. 


Our shop is set up with the capabilities to weld and assemble the pieces that we cut out with our CNC plasma table for you. From start to finish, we want to help customers every step of the way. Our fabrication shop is not limited to flat sheets of metal- we also work with square tubing, round tubing, angle iron, and more. We are equipped with a mag drill to precisely drill holes at specific sizes. With the assistance of our custom built fixture table, we can provide accuracy and effectiveness for repeat welding & parts production services.


With personal backgrounds in agriculture, we have a desire to help farmers create solutions with equipment repairs & modifications. We have experience with farm machinery repairs, and ideas on how to create long-term equipment solutions for this industry. If you are an independent farmer looking for an equipment fix, or an established OEM (Original Equpiment Manufacturer) looking for a fabricated solution, we look forward to working with you. We have the capabilities to help design prototypes or shop equipment pieces. We also do batch work orders. We understand the importance of having sturdy, reliable equipment, and will strive to do our best to help keep your equipment running! 


Whether a customer provides us with measurements, or we come to your site to gather measurements, we design and cut out custom metal brackets for a wide range of industries. We keep a range of metal thicknesses on hand. We also have access to a large warehouse of metal to meet many different types of needs.


Whether you are looking to advertise for your business, or desiring a customized decor piece, we are here to help you. With our CAD program, we incorporate your already existing logos and brands into your design, or help with creating new branding for your business. We also periodically make decor pieces that can be purchased on our social media pages. Each item is made-to-order. 


We have experience with creating custom art pieces. Examples of some of these items are receiver hitch covers, koozie (can cooler) holders, two-piece slotted decor pieces, and free-standing windmills. The sky is the limit on this service, and we look forward to bringing your unique ideas to life! 


Our shop is currently set up to allow us to provide the value-added service of powder coating smaller items. Powder coating is a painting service that uses an electrostatic process to create durable paint finishes. Often, this is the last process for a product to go through before leaving our shop. Powder coating has many benefits, some of them being; longevity of the metal, rust prevention, sun protection, and less prone to chipping/scratching than traditional paint methods. With a range of colors on hand, and the equipment & resources needed for powder coating,  we are proud to offer this as an add-on service for metal signage & smaller bracket builds.